Donna Nadeau

Visual artist and exotic dancer, Donna Nadeau, grew up in Kennebunkport, a picturesque little village on the southern coast of Maine. The area has been a haven for artists for over 100 years and even as a young girl, Nadeau was drawn to the work of the painters and sculptors who visited her home town. At 18 she began to model for artists and art associations that flourished in southern Maine the summer months. Attracted by the art she saw, she began exchanging modeling time for art lessons with Dewitt Hardy, one of the foremost watercolorists in the Northeast.

By the age of 22 she was the mother of her son, Keeya, and in need of a steady income. Her physical beauty and her joie de vivre led her to exotic dancing, a career she has successfully pursued for nearly 20 years in strip clubs from California to Florida.

Today she paints the life as she has experienced it. Her work is honest and appreciative; her viewpoint is that of the performer herself, intimate and finely detailed. Nadeau's handling of the demanding medium of watercolor is also unique.  Her images are alive with the tightly controlled balance of light and shadow.  She is an uncompromising draftsman, capturing action and poses with sensitivity and finesse. Donna draws the viewer into her world with a skill and authenticity that is rare in any work of art, and even more so when the subject is the age-old profession of which she is a long time member

Donna divides her time between Maine and Florida, exhibiting extensively in both states. Her work may be seen at Waters and Colors on Lincoln Road in South Beach, Miami, on Mallory Square in Key West and at Forty-five Degrees in Kennebunkport. Her work is rapidly acquired by enthusiastic collectors; where ever it is sold. Her house portrait site is at:

Original watercolors and hand-signed numbered limited edition (of 295 per painting) giclee prints on fine handmade paper can also be purchased on this website. She accepts commissions for intimate portraits of lovers, companions and partners as well.


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